About Fit Body & Soul

Fit Body & Soul represents balance and strength in all aspects of life, a strong dedication to the process of self-development, and a desire to maximize your gifts and talents.  The vision for Fit Body & Soul is a wellness community of healers and nurturers who take care to guide and empower people to find a happier and healthier them.

We seek to balance the body, build a rock solid core, and create a lean, powerful being through compound movement patterns, a focused nutritional program, and a guided meditation practice to help relieve stress and give further benefit to your training and overall self-development.

That’s what Fit Body & Soul is all about – achieving happiness through healthy living.  We need to take ownership of our minds and bodies, our thoughts and actions. We can maximize our lives by finding healthy outlets and nutritious food so we are free to think about other things we love and not spend time worrying about our health.

To start, I am focusing on the ‘body’ part of Fit Body & Soul through personal training. I am learning and observing every day, trying to glean the best techniques that yield the best results for my clients.  I have developed a strict ‘core first’ philosophy; I believe without a strong foundation you’re bound for an injury, improper development, or imbalance, none of which support harmony in the body.  What we should be looking for is a solid grounding within ourselves, physically and mentally.

The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them. – Jim Rohn

While fitness is a key to healthy living, the idea behind Fit Body & Soul is complete harmony through peace of mind that only comes with being fulfilled both physically and mentally. It is a holistically encompassing mission to help people from the inside-out, from the brain side-down.  In addition to fitness and nutrition, I have studied many meditation and visualization techniques. I believe these practices are essential to help maintain a healthy perspective and a positive attitude and help with concentration and focus on our goals, dreams, and aspirations.

I have practiced many different techniques over the past 13 years, off and on, and have found that even a little meditation goes a very long way in grounding us and allowing us to position all of life’s challenges as opportunities for positive adjustment. Having a regular meditative or mental relaxation practice will undoubtedly improve your life and make you a happier person.

This isn’t just my opinion; it is a proven concept, one often overlooked in our over-saturated information age. So I invite you to take a page from the old school and relax, reflect, and observe yourself from within.

Fit Body & Soul can help you in your quest for peace of mind and strength of body.  We are dedicated to the journey– dedicated to your journey – of finding the best way to help you process life’s demands with clarity of mind, serenity of soul, and a body equipped to stand, on its own, a beautiful and powerful specimen forged in the image of your creation. 

Your future is exactly what you think to make it – Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

All that we can control is how we think, how we act, and how we handle the opportunities presented to us.  What are problems but opportunities for solutions?  Mind over matter, and it matters what you mind. Take care to direct your energies and passions in the right place and you will reap the rewards of the rich and content. Fit Body & Soul will get you there.